Long time no fly.

We have been busy doing things to ensure our survival, like actually working…
Myself I’ve been designing on equipment for the paper industry for example.

Thanks to this we are still here and we are at the moment moving ahead with making of plugs for new moulds and for this we have recently invested in a used 5-axis milling machine. We have installed it and are at the moment familiarizing with it. It’s built 1997 by an Italian company named Belotti, that are still on the market and still manufacturing very fine CNC-machines.

Parallel to this we are installing a new engine in the prototype, the 6-cylinder D-motor, LF39. It looks very promising and the installed weight is a little less than that of a Rotax 914 but with 10 HP more.
We are planning of flying with this new engine in late of January.

We also take the opportunity to wish you all:

A merry Christmas and
A prosperous New Year!

The Svenska Flygfabriken Crew