LN-3 Seagull

The LN-3 Seagull is a high winged amphibian with two seats in tandem and the engine in a pusher configuration on top of the AFT part of the cabin compartment. Characteristic features are the high aspect ratio wing and the retractable main landing gear location in a wing shaped pod at the lower part of the fuselage. This pod is completely above the water when the LN-3 is floating so the wheels and the foam filled wheel pants, will serve as stabilizing floats. Drooping wing tips provide additional stabilization during water handling under severe conditions. The design is made in compliance with FAR 23 Acrobatic Category thus making the LN-3 permitted for aerobatic flying. LN-3 Seagull will be offered as a kit to start with but a ready to fly alternative for UL, ELA and LSA category will soon follow.