Progress Report Dec 2019


Long time no fly.

We have been busy doing things to ensure our survival, like actually working…

Thanks to this we are still here and we are at the moment moving ahead with making of plugs for new moulds and f…

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Progress Report Dec 2017

What has happened since March?

We have delivered some more parts to our builders and we have also milled some of the new plugs for the production moulds. But to come further with speed and despite a healthy Flygfabriken economy, the process still needs more money!

Just as a reminder, our web …

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Errols view March 2017

Conventional wisdom holds that every new aircraft design is a result of many tradeoffs. There is always something to be sacrificed. An amphibious aircraft must be slow. An aircraft which meets the Special Light Sport airworthiness certification requirements cannot also meet the structural load str…

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Progress Report Dec 2016


-    Our two first BUILDING PERMITS have been released by EAA to our so far northernmost builders, Per Jonasson in Umeå and Erik Andersson in Viksjö!

-    Looks like all five kits in the first batch are sold and all also in a quite concentrated area of Sweden, from Umeå in the n…

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Progress Report July 2016

We are still on the test program with the D-Motor and have today consumed 50 of the stipulated 75 hrs of flying.

One day before the Midsummer holiday I was on my way to the traditional celebration in Dalarna when after half an hour of flying a sudden increase of the cooling temperature caught my …

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Progress Report February 2016

Svenska Flygfabriken delivers  the first kit parts in March this year!

We have sold the five first kits and the delivery will start in March this year. The final delivery of these kits will take place in December. We are also planning five more kits to be produced in parallel with the first f…

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Progress Report December 2015


Five kits are in the being and have so been for a while and that’s nothing but the truth!

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Progress Report June 2015

Are You a D-MOTOR Friend Yet!

We have started flying with the D-Motor!

After the normal paperwork and good support from EAA, we got our Test Flight Permit and flew the first time on june 2. After just two hours in the air, we visited as promised the major EAA Fly-in in Falköping last Saturday!

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