Are You a D-MOTOR Friend Yet!

We have started flying with the D-Motor!

After the normal paperwork and good support from EAA, we got our Test Flight Permit and flew the first time on june 2. After just two hours in the air, we visited as promised the major EAA Fly-in in Falköping last Saturday!

You may question if it was wise to go on such a long trip that furthermore was plagued with an extreme headwind on the way down, with only two flight hours in the back!

Beside minor more or less expected problems, everything went well, the wind persisted and blew us home in slightly more than half the time it took us to get there!

During the D-Motor installation we refreshed the look of the Seagull. Initially we were thinking of making some elegant stripes here and there but it didn’t be like that. It ended up plain white! Many designs trick the viewer by having a magnificent paint work making the plane look slimmer or just better!

Somewhat to my surprise the Seagull looks excellent in being just white!
Okay, my opinion?

Otherwise we like the D-Motor and following testing will give more hard facts about that.

Thanks for your interest