We are still on the test program with the D-Motor and have today consumed 50 of the stipulated 75 hrs of flying.

One day before the Midsummer holiday I was on my way to the traditional celebration in Dalarna when after half an hour of flying a sudden increase of the cooling temperature caught my interest. Decided to return home and turned back but the big lake Armsjön was closer and I decided to land there. After a dead-stick landing and some paddling, you’ll really appreciate the tandem seating since it behaves like a canoe, I found a suitable beach and stranded! The boys came with the trailer and in a snap the whole airplane was on its way back to the Flygfabriken factory!

The whole event reminded me much of my old days participation in various sail plane races and I was forced to land out on a meadow. Everything from the silent landing, waiting for the pick up team and finally the slick disassemble of the plane onto the trailer, was similar and just great!

Back in the workshop we were eager to see what was the cause!

A hose, actually a part of the initial installation for the Rotax 914, had slipped off its butt and all cooling fluid was gone! My respect for the simplicity of the D-Motor increased further since it kept me in the air in some fifteen minutes and enough to reach the lake!

We contacted the D-motor factory and agreed to ship the whole engine to them for evaluation!

While waiting for the engine we’re concentrating on honing the production process and of course also sneak away on short vacations!

Thanks for your interest,