Svenska Flygfabriken delivers  the first kit parts in March this year!

We have sold the five first kits and the delivery will start in March this year. The final delivery of these kits will take place in December. We are also planning five more kits to be produced in parallel with the first five with a planned final delivery during March next year.

The standard kit price is 440 000 SEK and will comply to the five kits with final delivery in March next year. If you want to buy one of those kits you can choose to have them delivered in sub parts or as a complete kit in March next year. Contact us for more information about terms of payment and delivery.

One issue when starting to deliver kits is to verify the crucial parts like spars and wing panels. The other week we took a stabilizer spar out of production and stressed it, first to 6g loading and then carried on until it broke. The total mass on the stabilizer at the moment of snapping was 620 kg which equals to a symmetrical loading of 12.4G’s!!! We are of course very satisfied with this and have uploaded a short film from the occasion.


Thanks for your time!

Team Flygfabriken