What has happened since March?

We have delivered some more parts to our builders and we have also milled some of the new plugs for the production moulds. But to come further with speed and despite a healthy Flygfabriken economy, the process still needs more money!

Just as a reminder, our web page has through the years repeatedly told us that many more potential buyers are asking for Ready-to-Fly’s than kits and a search made us convinced that an American LSA certification is the quickest way to get ready-to-fly Seagulls!

Therefore we asked both Errol since long and Ben, a more recent contact in the US, if they were interested to do this certification and also handle the sale in that part of the world! Before stepping on board they wanted to fly and they came visiting us in beginning of June this year to test fly the Seagull. The weather conditions where not the best with strong and gusty crosswind on the runway why the LN-3 was able to show it worked well even under such conditions.

They were both pleased with the Seagull prototype and said, yes, let’s do it!

This is also the main reason why we’re looking for more funding!

One way is to look for investors in China and that we do through an American/Chinese company. Other ways are of course to look for investors anywhere in the world!

With the usual good timing a fellow company we’ve supported before was screaming for help and we were able to do that through Flygfabriken!

The bottom line is that we are looking for investors to bring the LN-3 Seagull to the LSA market and we can guarantee that the payback possibilities are interesting!

You may have questions and please contact us via mail: lage@flygfabriken.com

or phone +4670 533 2270


Thanks for your interest,

and of course we all at Flygfabriken wishes you:

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!