The Project was originally intended for kit manufacturing in the experimental category and this will also be the case in the first phase. The manufacturing of kits is probably the best and most effective way to rationalize and tune the production. To get started, we are therefore launching a buyers program for a smaller series of kits. Please find more information here.



An increased use of light weight material such as carbon fiber and titanium and the resulted low empty weight, has created a competitive position on the UL-market that we find very dynamic and of great potential, business wise. Then when the flight testing has started, the UL related performance will be of particular interest.

We hope that you all UL-enthusiasts will keep an eye on our project and patiently wait until we can prove the outstanding performance of LN3 Seagull.



The LN-3 design started long before anyone had ever thought about the LSA rules. Despite that, Seagull fits exactly within all the parameters of this category. We also think the LSA can be the number one solution to the two-seater future.